Social Guides for the Socially Awkward Blog Series

I’ve been rolling over and over in my brain how best to continue my online conversations on social anxiety.  What I finally came around to (after much deliberation, convincing myself I had something to say, convincing myself it was ok to say what I had to say, talking myself out of it, deliberating, and then deciding again), I have now settled on this blog series Social Guides for the Socially Awkward.

I’m taking everything I’ve taught myself over decades of shyness, introversion, general, and social anxiety and packaging it up in what I hope will be a useful medium to help others who suffer as I do.

My Golden Rule of Social Anxiety: FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT.

Part One: Making New Friends

Part Two: Dating – First Things First

Part Three: Dating – Part Two

Part Four: Networking

Part Five: Job Interviews

Part Six: Information for Friends of the Anxious