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Jessica Mills in the press and various interviews.  If you’ve talked about me and my projects, but don’t see your link here, please let me know!

The Just Talking Podcast chats with me about Awkward Embraces and Mission: GEEK!

N00b Chronicles on the Seagate Blog!

Think Jen Think talks N00b Chronicles!

My Geeky Geeky Ways Reviews Episode 1 of N00b Chronicles!

UComics on Wired!


January 2012

IAWTV Awards Red Carpet

July 2011

Awkward Talks with Girls


March 1, 2011

Nerds in Babeland

January 27, 2011


February 17, 2011

“Well if you’ve had at least one bad date in your life, and you probably have, you’ll be able to relate to the acclaimed web series, Awkward Embraces.”

Gaming Angels

January 27, 2011

Pop Culture Monster

January 26, 2011

Tech Barbarians

November 14th, 2010

“For any girl who has made a passionate public argument about Star Wars versus Star Trek, and immediately wanted to run and hide, this is our show!”

Total Fan Girl: D6 Generation Podcast

January 30, 2011

“The awkwardness of dating turned hilarious through the adventures of a lovable and misunderstood geek.”