Keep Up The Fight! Stand With Wendy Davis and the Democrats of Texas!

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For those of you who don’t know, Texas Democrats kicked some serious anti-abortion ass yesterday, with a little help from some loud and proud Texas constituents.  It was a momentous moment in history, and if you missed it here is a recap.

Thanks to the indomitable Texas Tribune, over 180,000 people were able to watch the livestream, while CNN babbled about muffins and the other news outlets plugged their ears and hummed really loud.


Their livestream introduced this battle to the world, and allowed us all to fight along with them from all over the nation.  Support Texas Tribune and fair reporting!

‏ @TexasTribune

Thanks to them we were witness to the cheating and bullying tactics displayed by the GOP Senators trying to shove through their draconian legislation.  Seriously, read the recap, browse the Tribune front page.

It was the worst of what our political landscape is capable of.

But it was also the beautiful best.  Thanks to a handful of Senators, their moxie, and their teamwork. (Really, you should have seen three men talking Dewhurst in circles while Judith Zaffirini did some research and came out with some sweet ninja rulebook action that left that asshat SPEECHLESS for a moment.)

The honorable senators who fought long and hard for our right to choose, who stood against the bullying, cheating, stubborn, horrible behavior by the Texas GOP are listed below, hyperlinks will send you straight to a DONATION page.

These men and women have given me hope for the first time since the 2000 presidential election.  Hope that it may be possible for us to overcome those in power who would willfully manipulate the system to their own ends.  The men and women listed below have shown me that all is not lost.

If you want to help keep them in the fight, donate and/or spread the word!

Senator Wendy Davis: Filibusting Badass


Senator Leticia van de Putte: Deliverer of Sick Patriarchy Buuuurns


Senator Judith Zaffirini: Rulebook Ninja

@Judith Zaffirini

Last, but certainly not least:

The Slow Speakers, The Circle Talkers, The Clock Runners

Senator Kirk Watson


Senator Rodney Ellis


Senator Royce West (No web page, yet, but follow on twitter)


Senator John Whitmire (no Twitter or website, yet, but I’ll update if I find one)


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